School Safety and Well-Being

Our schools in District #2 need immediate attention to ensure they are safe places for our students. The attention must be on both operational upgrades and intentionality to social and emotional supports inside our schools. When our students come into spaces that are not safe and do not feel safe due to wellness challenges from COVID-19, other mental health issues, or ineffective discipline policies --there is a dire problem. We must act now. Safety and well-being is essential and just as important to our staff who have spent the last two years on the front lines of an education revolution.

Opportunity, Equity, and Access to All

The way to true equity is speaking openly and honestly about the inequalities that persist in our schools. When we do not have courageous conversations with those who may not look like us or embody our beliefs-- we are doing a disservice to ourselves and our students. In the last two years, we have experienced a vicious health pandemic as well as a social justice reckoning that has drastically changed how we live and how are students learn. It is up to us to directly address these inequities and work collectively with a sense of urgency to implement best practices that will bring about equity for all our students. 


Financial Transparency

You know where the priority is when you know where the money is spent. We must be fiscally responsible with our students’ funds. We must use state, local, and federal dollars for sustainable and long-term growth of our District. Prioritize our dollars to Re-imagine and Re-think what schooling will be in the 22nd century. (i.e. Impact Bus, Metaverse, Crypto and NFT space)

Empowerment of Young People

I have devoted most of my career to advocating for the rights young people and allowing them to find their own voice. We need to be proactive, prepared, and poised to train our young scholars for a future built on innovation. When we actively listen to young people—they have a lot to say. The key is to give them the space to be heard.